How to choose the best night light for your child

Untitled design (5)There are so many different night lights on the market, how do you choose the best one for your child?  A night light can offer comfort in the dark, provide a soft glow for night time feeds and nappy changes or allow your child to find their dummy or comforter in the dark.  A good night light has saved many parents from restless nights, but what should you look when you purchase one?


A night light, as the name suggests, is a light that is suitable for all night use.  There are a few main features that  I would recommend every parent or carer look for in their choice of light.  Safety is one of the biggest concerns.  In Australia, lighting for children should be tested to ensure compliance with the Australian Standards to ensure absolute safety in your child’s room.  There are a number of manufacturers in Australia who no have this testing conducted.  One of the most trusted brands that I personally use for my children is Delight Decor.

Low power consumption is also important.  If you want to leave the light on all night, you need to ensure that you won’t have to sell your house to pay the electricity bill! With the technology around LEDs the power consumption of these products has dropped considerably.  One of my favourite styles is My Dream Light. Using .6w (compared to 60w of old style light globes) using a night light will not break the bank.

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With safe and cheap to run covered, you should next consider your needs.  Here we can look at solutions to a few problems that parents face.

Night terrors and restless sleepers- If you have a child who wakes in the night, a portable night light that they can take to bed and provides a personal light around their face can help alleviate their fears.  Zooglo is in effective night light that is portable and rechargeable.  Hugglo is another portable design that is great to snuggle up to.  The plush Hugglo Night light is perfect to take to bed and can be switched off and on by a tap to the light.  Also the perfect light to take for sleep overs.


Sleep timer – Do you need a light that will auto switch off after your little one nods off to sleep? A range of night lights are fitted with 30 min and 60 min sleep timers (most of which you can override if you want to leave the night on all night) . Check out Little Dreams Medium Cloud .  With the touch of one button on the remote control, My Dream Light will dim then automatically switch off.


Dim Function – being able to dim a night light down for overnight use helps to alleviate fears if your child wakes through the night.  There are many lights with a dim function.  Little Dreams Medium Cloud and Silhouette Star or Cloud both have two settings, a full light and a half light.


Now all that you need to do is choose the design that is perfect for your space and hopefully there will be more sleep filled nights in your future.